Today’s Church of Ideas is about ‘Cambridge Platonists’.

Please join us for another lunchtime lecture from 1pm at St John’s Church, the lecture is free but we accept donations and also there are lovely homemade refreshments available.

April 9th Lunctime Lecture- Cambridge Platonists


With Michael Reid, Having practised living philosophically for 30 years; Michael Reid is now a tutor for the School of Philosophy, Cambridge He also gives open talks on the first Saturday of each month at the Buttercross  and runs a weekly evening class  in Peterborough. “

The subject is the Cambridge Platonists.

The Cambridge Platonists emerged in the 17th Century proposing a new way of living and treating each other based on religious tolerance, optimism about human potential, the importance of rational enquiry, and the sovereignty of the good, the beautiful and the true.

Their philosophy was enlightened, caring and spiritual in a very modern way. Indeed their discoveries and way of life are relevant to today’s world and are enriching to anyone who enquires into them.