Revolution without Revolution- The Church of Ideas

Tomorrow is the last in our  Spring series of lunchtime lectures and it promises to be very thought provoking. There will be our usual and fantastic refreshments from 12:30pm and all donations are gratefully received.  I would also like to say a big thank you to our building audience and our wonderful speakers and please look out for The Church of Ideas in the Autumn. 

April 16th : ‘Revolution without Revolution’ with Chris Erskine

This talk draws upon recently complete research looking at the incompleteness and contradictions found within the lifeworlds of community activists.

Contours of an Activist: The lecture first seeks to consider and appreciate the ways in which community activists engage and develop meaningful strategies and networks  in their areas of concern (i.e. in the spheres of environment; art; journalism etc.).

Stripping Back the Masks: Having stretched out a landscape of appreciation, the lifeworlds of activists is scrutinised and interrogated in the context of ‘turbo-capitalism’. Asking the question – Are the activities of community activists simply deconstructive pseudo-activities of micro-struggles, that respond to the symptoms of capitalism though without ever challenging the total?

Possible, Possible all is Possible:  Finally, the lecture concludes with an exploration as to the way forward for community action in the future.