Pilgrimage- new work by artist in residence, Garth Bayley

This painting is inspired by the Peterborough Opera Summer Concert in St Johns. One of the works performed was the Pilgrim’s Chorus from Tannhäuser. While listening to the full chorus singing I imagined the pilgrimage, marching to a holy destination. This is a lighter piece and I have tried to inject some humour. The columns of St Johns have become trees in a forest reaching up to the heavens, but capped by the church roof. The view these frame is of the people on a pilgrimage. Are the putting their worldly needs in the hands of god or they stopping off at Wonga for a payday loan? Is that distant spire the new lending by churches? The chorus become part of the pilgrimage in my depiction and the audience heads become the rocks on the forest floor / rocks of the church supporting events. The conductor (Marc Murray) is conducting the pilgrimage as well as the opera. Is he leading or directing or just a pawn in the process… I leave you to decide.


I will let this rest for a few days before final tweaks.