Pop Up Sewing Cafe

Pop Up Sewing Cafe

Pop up sewing café

The sewing cafe brought together the love of cake and the love of craft for a weekend in St John’s, it’s been a while since this event, way back in June and the painting is inspired by a sketch I drew on the day. It was a very emotional day for me because a young lady came in with a heavy heart and just opened up to the table I was sitting at.

These crafty ladies came with their sewing machines ready to tackle a project but end up discussing all manor of things from love to the best stitches for making a tea cosy. They brought joy and laughter and a listening ear. They helped people come out of their shells to solve a problem with well thought out craft project and also just an hour or two of distraction. Plus the tea and cake I can sum up in one word and that word would be mmm!

For those who took part in the sewing cafe they not only enjoyed the peace of the space but also went home with a new skill, new friends and a smile.