Day 2 of Art @ Advent- Monday the 2nd of December

Keely Mills_Dec 2nd

Today’s work is also based in collage and is by a poet called Keely Mills, she was formerly Peterborough Poet Laureate. Keely will admit she was slightly apprehensive about creating a piece of visual art against some of the other artists who are involved. Yet the theme of this week of Advent appealed to Keely because of the idea of a message. At this time of year the one piece of literature that speaks morally to Keely is A Christmas Carol and she uses pieces of the actual book within her work. It might be difficult to see the poems within the work so they are included below and Keely hopes that the piece invokes the hopeful joy we can experience at this time of year.

Rejoice for the time you have been given,
Herald the moment you are passing through.
Announce everyday the message that rings,
from your heart like a ringing bell.
May that message be full of life’s simple treats.
The first time you say ‘I love you’,
The last time you danced in joy.
The trees have undressed their leaves,
The first call to Winter’s icy joy.
An ecstasy that hibernates a burrow of peace within us all.
Be calm like the many points of a snowflake,
gently falling till your troubles melt into a moment already passed.

To find out more about Keely, please go to: