Day 3 of Art @ Advent- Tuesday the 3rd of December

"Mary" by Anne Bellamy

Well here is Mary to announce the third day of Advent, She has a look on her face that can be interpreted in a number of ways and this is what Ann has to say about her:

I imagined Mary walking down Geneva Street towards St Peter’s and All Souls Church, deep in thought and tried to imagine how she felt after being visited by the angel Gabriel and being told that she had been chosen by God to the the mother of his son Jesus.

My soul magnifies the Lord, and my spirit rejoices in God my saviour.
Luke 1:47

Ann would say that is slightly different to her normal style but it actually might be the subject that is not the norm. We hope that you feel the calm from this picture that it seems to inspire in the audiences that have seen this before.

To find out more about Ann and her work, please email us by using the contact page on the St John’s website.