Day 4 of Art @ Advent- Wednesday the 4th of December

Rose Croft

This piece of intricate work is made up of finger knitting, crocheting skills and beads galore.

It depicts a skyline full of Advent joy that beats down on a cityscape which could be Peterborough? Rose wanted to show the many colours that are present in the dusk sky at this time of year and not just those that are normally associated with Christmas. The imagery within it, invokes both William Blake and Vincent Van Gogh. This piece of modern tapestry backed onto a cushion proves that craft is a real art form that not only can make you think but can also be something that you desire.

Rose Croft the artist is the fastest crocheter we have ever seen and she does lots of workshops, events and projects to help promote the crafty lifestyle and she really enjoyed working in this way and was waiting for the right project to create this for, so we are very happy that she could do this for St John’s.

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