Day 8 of Art @ Advent- Sunday the 8th of December

Day 8 'Don't Forget The Children'
Don’t forget the children

Today’s piece of art begins the second week of Advent and also the next theme of the project which is The Journey/ homelessness, Prompted by the journeys of Mary and Joseph to Bethlehem for the census, their fleeing to Egypt for asylum to escape Herod’s murderous plot, and the shepherds and wisemen’s journeys to worship and adore. Who is journeying – commuting, migrating and fleeing – today?

Tony Nero the artist has captured what might be happening inside the mind of those that could be journeying away from everything they know and love. That childlike yearning for comfort when everything around you starts to change either by your own choice or in some cases not. Tony is now based in Peterborough and is a very active artist that champions a number of communities and events, the most notable being The Black History Month. Tony tends to work in oils and has a realism to his work which is stunning.

Here is what he had to say about his work:

Over 80,000 children will be homeless for Christmas this year in the UK alone and the figures are rising.

Who will speak for us
if we cannot speak for ourselves
and even when we cry out
no one hears us
like the fallen leaves
blown away by the winds
and disregarded on the heap.

It’s always a pleasure to collaborate and work with the talented artists in our city. So, when the opportunity arose to be a part of such an exciting project, I jumped and said yes.

For my piece on the Homelessness section I have created this piece in oils. The background was created using layers of paint, with various marks and scratches to create texture. Added texture has also been created by the use of bits of dried leaves.

I wanted to focus my piece of work ­on the children, as all across the world children are made homeless and are suffering for a whole lot of different reasons and we really need not to forget about them. We cannot take the words ‘children are the future’, lightly, because they really are.

To find out more about Tony, please go to: