Day 11 of Art @ Advent- Wednesday the 11th of December

Inner Journey by Martin Cibik

Martin Cibik is the artist for today and his work is an intricate ink on paper with layers upon layers of meaning and journeys.

This is what Martin has to say about his work:

“This picture is about a conscious mind connecting to the subatomic level of matter and its consciousness. It is about diving into the deeps of ourselves to find all the answers and meanings. All we need to find is that tiny light streaming and following it to the source we were made from. To find the way we need to fight, recognise and defeat all our biggest fears and worst demons. We have to overcome them to achieve power for dissolving all shadows with the power of the light of love.”

My life is connected with creating since I remember. My art is based on the experience, emotions, energies and whole range of consciousness states as waking, dreaming, transcendental state and world of illusions. I’m trying to show with my art something what paradoxically is without a physical form.

To find out more about Martin’s work please go to: