Day 12 of Art @ Advent- Thursday the 12th of December

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Today’s artist is Sue Shields who is a painter and print maker and studied at Manchester and Brighton schools of art. She is a keen walker and explorer searching for all that is local, marginal and obscure. She teaches, holds workshops and is a member of the artist led group View5, currently artists in residence to the Langdyke Countryside Trust as well as co-chair of Creative Peterborough. Sue exhibits her work nationally and has lived in central Peterborough for 14 years.

This is what Sue had to say about today’s work:

“Is there any room at the Inn?”. A family in need of shelter is surely one of the most memorable details in the Christmas story and one that gets our full sympathy. How then do we view our modern crisis of homelessness. Do we see it as a product of a poor social system, or maybe an act of non-conformity? Is homelessness a collective badge of failure? Is it a decision that we have made as the non-homeless to accept that these things happen, what can we do? Historically it would suggest that the majority of us do very little and seem comfortable to disengage ourselves from this very real disaster. But anyone can be homeless.
My painting shows the untamed fen as a living metaphor for the flux of urban life and trapped within it we find a family on the margins of our society. Homelessness can be found in the small gaps within the cities infrastructure like the water of the fen has been pushed to the side of the field. There is no national figure for the homeless across the UK but we all know it exists. Is there any room for this in our society?
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Sue also has an exhibition called ‘Landed’ in the City Gallery in Peterborough Museum till January 26th 2014.

We at St John’s for one think this is an incredible body of work that takes you on a personal journey into a promised land; that is sometimes harsh with the realities of nature and environmental pressure but you will encounter natures prophets, saints and martyrs. Be prepared to be taken to a place of exceptional beauty, pageantry and hope.

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