Day 14 of Art @ Advent- Saturday the 14th of December

Joseph and Mary

This illustration by Hannah Robinson is depicting the journey of Mary and Joseph but has updated it to show the journeys we all make at this time of year to be with the ones with love. That protective arm and unsure looks are often echoed in our train, bus stations and our airports at this time.

The uncertainty of the destination we are going too but the security of affection of those we are travelling with and to be with. It also shines a light on the some what scary passage that Mary and Joseph had to undertake too.

Hannah is an illustrator who has been working in Peterborough for five years. Her artwork has been described as joyous and energetic. She tries to tell a story in her work, encouraging exploration and enjoyment. She also blogs about crafting, drawing on ten years’ experience organizing activities for youth groups.

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