Day 15 of Art @ Advent- Sunday the 15th of December

We are now into the third week of Advent and this is the time when for some of us the panic begins to rise and the blood pressure with it. Will the Turkey fit in the oven? Will the present I give my child be enough? Why doesn’t my house look like the front cover of a magazine?
So to help subside and question some of those anxieties, this week’s theme is The commercialization of Christmas, prompted by a feeling among many that true meaning is being lost in the wrapping and packaging, and the party has lost the purpose. Where do we find our value and worth?
Today’s work is a ceramic mosaic full of imagery associated with this growing commercialisation of Christmas and the artist Mahemuda Arsalani was able to put this together in an incredibly short amount of time and she said that she enjoyed making the work tremendously. She also wanted you to ponder this quote and her own thoughts  as you looked upon the mosaic:

Then the Grinch thought of something he hadn’t before.
What if Christmas, he thought, doesn’t come from a store?
What if Christmas, perhaps, means a little bit more?
– Dr. Seuss

What are you getting for Christmas….?

  • 18 million people say they are worried about how they will afford Christmas this year.
  • One in three UK adults say they expect to start 2014 in debt because of spending Christmas.
  • One in 10 adults in November 2013 were still paying for Christmas 2012. (Source

Through this mosaic, I wanted to convey the relentless commercial onslaught in the run-up to Christmas, – the tired clichés of finding love and happiness in material gain.

The figure in the window looks on as the world struggles and strives to create the festive utopia promised by the adverts.
As with the remembrance and celebration of any significant event, where do we find our value and worth….?

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