Day 17 of Art @ Advent- Tuesday the 17th of December

Lynne 2 Lynne 3 Lynne

Lynne Collins is relatively new to the Peterborough artist community having lived all over England and only moving here in the last ten years.  Lynne has participated in Peterborough Artists Open Studios for the past two years and works and lives within a short walking distance of this church.

Thinking about the project and the theme for this week, Lynne looked at the shops and people as they went about researching the best gift for those they love she hoped most had a budget that they stuck to.  Lynne’s not always been good at sticking to her budget at this time of year and knows what it’s like to have things happen at home and find yourself worrying with the feelings of expectations from family.  At the same time many of the companies we work for are reliant on Christmas sales to keep our wages going for the rest of the year.

Using an old canvas that was feeling a little unloved and unused paints Lynne enjoyed creating this piece.

Lynne said:

‘This piece has emerged from thoughts of love and debt, of material goods, parties and more debt, of expectations and unloved presents all underlined with more love.  Every brush stroke and shape came from a lot of emotion formed from ideas bouncing around my brain over weeks. Even when it’s ‘finished’ it may not be finished or perfect in many peoples eyes, but it will be in mine, it’s the thought that counts not how much something cost or what it looks like.’

 By the time Lynne stopped long enough to put paint to canvas she’d been mulching and fermenting for what seemed like forever.  The wrapping and breaking of the package is to show the expectation and excitement we all have and Lynne hopes that we remember it’s who we’re with and what we do that counts and that’s why she was very pleased to be part of this wonderful project.