Day 18 of Art @ Advent- Wednesday the 18th of December


Today’s artist is Vikki Harold, with a striking piece of work and this is what she wanted to say about her work. Again more food for thought.

My piece is an advertisement, as to a lot of people that’s what they’re bombarded with from September onward. Deals, offers and festive menus are all pushed in to our faces everywhere we go meaning that THIS is now what people associate with this time of year. To try and really hit this home, you might recognise the ‘face’ of my campaign. Want to spend an obscene amount of money on people and get given thoughtless gifts in return but struggle with the cost of this soul deadening expense? NO problem, you can save throughout the year and trust your money to this smiling, ‘Disneyfied’ deity with ”Jesus Sav£s”.

If you are a practicing Christian or not, I’m pretty sure that this was NOT how the holiday was intended to be ‘spent’.

I was immediately drawn to the subject of commercialism at Christmas as it’s something I find myself talking about throughout the year. I mention the words ”I love Christmas time!” and I usually get one of two responses:


Or more usually…

“Urgh, I hate it! It’s way too commercial and expensive for me and I hate shopping!”

We live in a time where panic buying is acceptable, barging someone in a shop for the last musical biscuit tin is something people aren’t really shocked by and the term ‘Gag Gift’ exists, yes gag gift, let that sink in. It’s also acceptable to waste a fiver on novelty pants or a USB Christmas tree as a Secret Santa gift because you can’t be bothered to do a little bit of digging and find out about the person you have to buy for because that would be just TOO much like effort.
I would also like to point out that Nando’s gift sets have landed on our shelves.  This is not a time I’m comfortable living in.
After I hear people moaning about what they think Christmas has become I do something they obviously don’t hear often and I make some suggestions:

  •  Don’t buy for people you don’t want to buy for.
  •  Don’t spend crazy amounts of money on people because if it makes them like or love you more then they shouldn’t be getting a gift from you at all.
  •  Don’t spend money on food you think you should be buying only for half of it to go in the bin!
  •  Don’t throw money at large faceless companies and instead spend money in local shops from nearby sellers so that that money has a better chance on being reinvested in to your community. Better still, make gifts yourself.
  •  DON’T RUSH! Hate shopping when it’s busy? Then start a few weeks earlier, honestly, you have more time for Port that way.
  •  Do what YOU want to do and don’t be pressured in to spending this time of year feeling anything but relaxed and full of cheer.


A few years ago I discovered the true meaning of Christmas to ME and it’s what I make it. I’m not blaming shops and commercialism for how things are because if people keep spending then it will stay just like it is. If you’re religious or not, to me this time of year is about spending time with your friends and family, giving TIME to others and yourself, reflecting on the year just passed and looking forward to the year ahead.
Love isn’t measured by how much you spend.

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