Day 19 of Art @ Advent- Thursday the 19th of December

"Silent Night" by Jason Duckmanton
Silent Night

This is what the artist Jason Duckmanton had to say about his pencil drawn work, and its pained pathos yet cartooned irony.:

When I think of the commercialisation of Christmas I’m reminded of the old adverts from my childhood. As a kid Christmas started when I saw that Coca Cola truck on TV and the soundtrack announcing its arrival. Thinking back I realise that my perception of Santa is based on adverts like these that popularised his image. Santa has been pimped out by practically every major corporation going and now symbolises commercialisation more than anything else. I wanted to show santa as a branded marketing tool feeling used by major brands and wearing their “tags” as permanent tattoos as he sits alone, at a bar, drinking a Coke.

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