Day 20 of Art @ Advent- Friday the 20th of December

Gemma Kulczak_Art AT Advent

Moving away from her usual collaged and illustrated style this piece was a collaboration between Gemma Payn and her husband and creative partner, Stuart Payn.

Teaming up to create this Conceptual piece in response to the topic “The Commercialisation of Christmas” they write:

“This present evokes and illuminates the questions we should be asking about the effect the commercialisation of Christmas is having on our environment  (and our bank balances) today. And at what cost? And who is to blame?

  • How big is Santa’s carbon footprint?
  • The price of Christmas
  • If Jesus was born today what gifts would he receive?
  • Goodwill or good shopping ?

Just how much extra carbon dioxide are we adding to the atmosphere over the Festive season? With extra manufacturing,  lights,travelling around the country/world to visit family,deliveries of on-line gifts and all the importing of food especially to our supermarkets from all over the world to get that “perfect Christmas Dinner”

It has been said that on average, each household will chuck out an extra five bags of waste over Christmas, adding up to 736,571 tonnes of refuse.

To try and reduce the risk of ever more extreme weather, we need to reduce how much fossil fuel we are burning. This isn’t easy but the best gift that we can give at Christmas is the gift to reduce our excessiveness and  to give the World we live in a chance for future generations.

The design of the piece has been carefully crafted to communicate these concepts in a number of different ways and levels with simple motifs used sometimes serving a dual purpose , for example, The use of red and white.The red being a significant Christmas colour but also significant for the church in which the piece is displayed.

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