Day 24 of Art @ Advent- Christmas Eve


This striking work is by Kaine Kulczak, aka Korp, who is an urban artist from Peterborough, Korp has painted this directly onto an old pallet, so this piece is already unusual in its use of materials and Korp is also happy for this to go to a good home afterwards, so if you would like to have this in your home, then please email Keely at

The purpose of the work is to remind us all, that for some other people in the world both near and far, on this particular day of the year. The only wish on their Christmas list is to be healthy and to be with family.  So in the frenetic craziness of last minute shopping and preparations, take a moment to reflect on this picture of a Romanian orphan, drawing your attention to those whose only hope is love and health.  This work also draws parallels with the baby Jesus  and if he was born into poverty now what would that look like?

In the stillness of this work, take the chance for a quiet piece of time to send love to those who will find it hard to get through the next 24 hours and to say thanks for those things which make you grateful, loved or at peace.

To find out more about Korp, then please got to: