17th May: Mesh – A new evening event in St John’s

Next Wednesday at 6pm St John’s will be hosting a night of international poetry and music. With performers from as far afield as East Timor, Lithuania, Africa and Brazil it should be a night of surprises. If you’ve come to our Tuesdays Till Two concerts a lot will seem familiar – the chance to enjoy a slice of cake with a hot drink in our café area, followed at 7.15pm by some serious but (we hope) uplifting culture – but we hope that “Mesh”, as we’ve named our new event, will have a distinctive feel of its own. At Mesh we’ll be aiming to be multicultural in more ways than one – bringing together writers, musicians, photographers, and artists, and bringing together the many different communities that now make up our city, giving all of us a chance to share each other’s food, culture and company. Unlike at Tuesdays Till Two we’ll have live music while the café is running, so please don’t turn up just before 7.15pm, or you’ll find you’ve missed the chance to hear Brazilian guitarist Estevão Devides, and violinist Anthony Nottingham. The poetic part of the proceedings will be split into three sections, and we’ll have some more music while you have a chance to do some mid air refuelling from our café. We’re very grateful to the “Shepherd’s Inn” Lithuanian restaurant, which will be supplying some Lithuanian treats for you to enjoy from our café.

Future Mesh events will probably take place on Fridays, but this time around we couldn’t pass up the opportunity for you to hear from three prominent Lithuanian writers, who are visiting the city on 16th and 17th May. The day before they perform for us they will be reading from their work in Lithuanian at Chauffeurs Cottage, but on the 17th they will be reading their work in English translation, as will some of our other international performers. We’ll also be bringing you poetry from the African, Portuguese, and Latvian communities in Peterborough as well as a chance to hear from well known local poets like Viv Foster, and our former poet in residence Pete “Cardinal” Cox. Alun Williams, who will be familiar to many as the regular host of Tuesdays Till Two, runner-up to Charley Genever at the last Poet Laureate of Peterborough competition will host the evening, and also hopes to read some of his recent work. Charley Genever won’t be performing, but she will be on hand, with entry forms and information about the next Poet Laureate competition, which is scheduled to take place in September at the Key Theatre.