16th July: 12.15pm and 2.30pm Eastern Angles presents “The Trials of Mary”

Eastern Angles present the story of Mary & Joseph as you’ve never seen it before… A moving tale of one woman’s loyalty, a comedy of manners, and a thriller all in one.

The incredible story of the woman who agrees to bear a surrogate baby, her marriage to an old Joseph, the humiliating trials of her dignity, a long journey with no inn at the end, and the final escape from a cruel dictator is one of the world’s most well-known stories – or is it?

500 years ago stonemasons and carpenters celebrated this drama on the streets of the city – now it has been updated to re-celebrate this extraordinary sequence of events.

Eastern Angles will be reviving the gripping stories in a fresh and new atmospheric way. There will be two performances in St John’s Square (the grassy area to the west of St John’s) on Sunday 16th July at 12.15pm and 2.30pm.